Monday, May 16, 2011

Donald Trump

Isn't running for President.  That's not exactly a surprise, but there was some speculation there.  It looks like he was just using all the commotion to hog the spotlight as he is wont to do, but anyone who follows politics knows that he was a long shot from the GOP nomination, which brings us to Sarah Palin.  Down in the polls, right now it would be political suicide for her to enter the race, so like Donald Trump she looks like she is staying out this time.  It is a good strategy -- if she enters and gets creamed, her poltical career is over (if it wasn't already?) and she loses all her clout, which translates into money.  By not jumping in with Newt and Ron, Palin's comments can still seem newsworthy and therefore she can still get things like her book deals and reality show.


  1. Anyone with half a braincell knew this character wasn't serious. And now he only screwed himself over because people seem to think he's an even bigger nut ball now.

  2. Donald Trump is a business man, all this attention is great for what? His business! He is a smart guy for making all this commotion, seriously. And Sarah Palin should never run, shes no good. Huckabee is also not running for president, The republican candidates are gonna be slim this year

  3. he won't do it? well i actully don't care but still he might win