Friday, December 23, 2011


SOPA or the Stop Online Piracy Act is dead for the holidays this year, but expect it to be brought back in January.  If you haven't heard of this bill, listen up!!  This is like DMCA 2.0 - more advanced and ready to kill your internet experience.  Ostensibly it is designed to make it harder for people to steal movies and music off the internet, but in reality it goes so far that it will allow media conglomerates to say "oh, that website is infringing our stuff, please kill it," and the site can be taken down without a hearing in a court or any kind of notice.  This would threaten even well-established sites like YouTube while at the same time would lead to the quiet deaths of thousands of smaller lesser-known websites that a media company may have thought might have been infringing some part of one of their copyrights.  This kind of internet censorship needs to be stopped.  If you are an American, call your congressperson today to tell them to vote against SOPA if it comes before them.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Donald Trump

Isn't running for President.  That's not exactly a surprise, but there was some speculation there.  It looks like he was just using all the commotion to hog the spotlight as he is wont to do, but anyone who follows politics knows that he was a long shot from the GOP nomination, which brings us to Sarah Palin.  Down in the polls, right now it would be political suicide for her to enter the race, so like Donald Trump she looks like she is staying out this time.  It is a good strategy -- if she enters and gets creamed, her poltical career is over (if it wasn't already?) and she loses all her clout, which translates into money.  By not jumping in with Newt and Ron, Palin's comments can still seem newsworthy and therefore she can still get things like her book deals and reality show.

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Great Kat

Okay so after the 80's and with the beginning of Grunge, metal was basically ended.  "Technically complex" metal songs and guitar riffs were gone from mainstream music and have been for some time now.  A lot of people I know either find metal painful to listen to or if they do appreciate it they're embarrassed to listen to it because it sounds so different from today's formulaic Top 40 stuff or the music that plays on rock stations...  At least there the instruments are generally the same but the music sounds way different.

So here today I have Metal Messiah by The Great Kat.  I don't like any of her other songs, but this one is good in my opinion because you can see some of her classical music background (some of the shredding sounds like the opening to Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries) but at the same time the song is totally metal and has a good beat.  If you're not a metal head then just be patient with it.  The more you listen to stuff like this such as Yngwie Malmsteen for example the more it grows on you.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Auto Insurance?

Got this weird call today from someone else's auto insurance provider.  I was like huh what?  They left a voice-mail saying they had to call back real fast and it was super important.  I hate that...  They had the wrong number so whoever had that was gonna get screwed but they gave my number instead?

Monday, February 21, 2011


This is my blog lol.  I'm gonna write about life and my thoughts on things.  I guess that's what a blog is, right?

Anyway, so I'm like driving to work this morning on Georgia 400 South and like, let's just say I've been very patient.  I have waited for two long years, watching, being on the lookout, and well, today was the day.  After two years of nothing, the GSP cops were finally hiding by the bridge again just north of the toll booth radaring for speeders.  But I've been on the lookout; I never forgot that they used to gun for speeders there, so while other people were getting pulled over, I saw them and yeah, no fast driver award for me.  Screw you cops, the speed limit is too low!! It's a divided highway with 3 well-paved lanes on either side, but the limit is 55?  Are you serious?  But you'll never catch me coppers ahahah!!

Note: I do not condone running from the cops.  Just learn where they hide out and wait and watch -- they might neglect a spot for years but they will be back eventually.  Stay vigilant and you won't get caught.