Monday, February 21, 2011


This is my blog lol.  I'm gonna write about life and my thoughts on things.  I guess that's what a blog is, right?

Anyway, so I'm like driving to work this morning on Georgia 400 South and like, let's just say I've been very patient.  I have waited for two long years, watching, being on the lookout, and well, today was the day.  After two years of nothing, the GSP cops were finally hiding by the bridge again just north of the toll booth radaring for speeders.  But I've been on the lookout; I never forgot that they used to gun for speeders there, so while other people were getting pulled over, I saw them and yeah, no fast driver award for me.  Screw you cops, the speed limit is too low!! It's a divided highway with 3 well-paved lanes on either side, but the limit is 55?  Are you serious?  But you'll never catch me coppers ahahah!!

Note: I do not condone running from the cops.  Just learn where they hide out and wait and watch -- they might neglect a spot for years but they will be back eventually.  Stay vigilant and you won't get caught.

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